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Case Study: Payette Forward

In 2013, I left my job at the Apple Store to start my own technology consulting business because I was frustrated at work and I wanted to start my own business.

Where I Was Living In February 2014

The first few months didn’t go so well. I was stuck living at home and even though I had a couple of clients, I wasn’t making very much money.

I figured if I was going to be making websites for clients, I should probably have a website of my own.

I created payetteforward.com just so I could have something to put on my business card.

I figured my website should have a blog section, so one day over breakfast I wrote one blog post and completely forgot about it.

Six months later, I was sitting in my basement watching Jeopardy with my dad and I happened to open Google Analytics to see how many people were on my website. I was blown — 26 people from all over the world were reading my article at the same time.

Then, Something Amazing Happened…

Website Views
5 Million

The only blog post I ever wrote went viral!

Over the next ten minutes, my dad and I watched as that number jumped from 60, then up to 95. We thought something was broken, but it wasn’t.

The next morning I woke up and 400 people were reading my article. THOUSANDS of people had visited my website and read my article while I was sleeping.

Where I Was Living 2 Months Later

I decided to check my Google AdSense to see how much money I had made. Up until this point, I had been making less than a dollar per day. To my surprise, I had made $60 overnight.

The next day, we watched the numbers rise and rise and I showed my friends as I made $400, more than I had ever made in a single day.

At one point, there were over 13,000 on my website at the same time. I was making thousands of dollars a day.

Even after the viral spike ended, I realized that I was onto something big, so I kept writing.

Over the next few months, I watched my other articles climb to #1 on Google. Even though I wasn’t making thousands of dollars per day, I was making a steady stream of revenue that could support a lifestyle I never considered before.

A friend of mine had moved to Maui a couple years before and he extended an invitation for me to come and visit him when I had the chance. Suddenly, I had the chance.

I took him up on the offer and four weeks later, I was in Maui. It took about three days for me to realize that I wasn’t coming back home.

I took this picture at Big Beach on Maui last April

Even though things were tight, I was determined to make a life for myself work in Maui. I was confident that the formula I had developed could sustain the life I wanted to live.

Then A Few Months Later, It Happened Again…

That month, I made $21,000 with a quarter of the traffic because I had learned how to optimize my articles to make the most money possible.

I bought a new car, moved into a beautiful home, and started to work on other projects while my website was paying the bills.

I spent my days relaxing on the beach, hanging out with friends, and traveling the world.

I want you to have the same experiences I’ve had and I know you can do it too.

Here’s to your success,
David P.

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Case Study: Objective News Report

David Lynch was one of the first students to take the BlogWinners Course.

Before BlogWinners, David worked at a pizza shop during the day, picking up extra delivery shifts every night just to make ends meet.

“I have always had a passion for writing and sharing my knowledge with others. So, naturally I was attracted to blogging, but I didn’t know where to begin or how to write content that people would actually be interested in reading”David Lynch

In just three months, look what David has been able to accomplish with BlogWinners!

At any given point during the day, around 10-15 people are reading articles on David’s website.

He averages around 2000 people visiting his website every week.

David also has used our keyword research and blog formula to have his articles rank first in google, which helps drive traffic to his site

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